my name is paige and im addicted to netflix

hey i havent been on here for months so none of you probably remember me but ive moved to here (fandom) and here (personal) if you want to follow them 


no hope and no future


no hope and no future

Yeah, well I don't want to

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You want to know what I confessed in there? What my greatest sin was?

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My mom once said to me, “if you ever have car troubles but don’t know what the problem is, don’t take it in to a mechanic because they will try to sell you things you don’t need. Instead park yourself on the side of the highway, pop your hood, and look confused. Some mechanic will pull over to help and he’ll tell you what the problem is for free.” And that’s the day I realized that I could make the patriarchy work for me.

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Artist - Panic! At the Disco
Track Name - Bittersweet (Bonus Track)
Play Count- 92735

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dis da new doctor who theme

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